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Your Lawn Will Be Like In the Movies


Your lawn will be like in the movies if you do the right care: mowing, fertilizing, aeration.

So that with the arrival of spring heat, your green lawn with emerald grass has an attractive appearance, at the end of the summer season, you need to take care of the herbage carefully.

Neglecting autumn activities that improve lawn plants’ condition, you run the risk of seeing a sad picture after the snow melts in March – numerous bald spots, areas with withered grass, and unattractive spots covered with mosses and mucus. Such a lawn will have to be restored by sowing grass, and it will take at least two months to restore its attractiveness.

A Haircut

The last mowing of ground-cover lawn plants should be carried out 2-3 weeks before the onset of stable soil frosts. The event is planned to take into account the long-term forecasts of meteorologists. In some regions, mowing is performed in September, and in some, it will not be too late to mow the lawn grass in November.

In the conditions of warm autumn and prolonged Indian summer, which has been indulging us in recent years, the green lawn is mowed at the same time as winter varieties of garlic and onions are sown. The optimal time to complete work using a lawnmower and trimmer is the last days of October – the first decade of November.

It is crucial to leave the correct height of the stand (about 5 cm). Too low mowing can lead to the fact that the grass does not have time to grow before the onset of frost. And excessively long stems, hibernating under a layer of snow and ice, are often blown out during frequent thaws characteristic of the middle zone winters.


In autumn, lawn crops are fed with fertilizers with a predominance of phosphorus. Both super-phosphate (simple, double, granular) and any complex composition with minimum nitrogen content, for example, “potassium Mono-phosphate”, “Fertika lawn autumn” or “bona Forte lawn (autumn)”, will work.

The introduction of additional doses of phosphorus before the dormant period strengthens the root system of seedlings and contributes to an increase in the herbage’s sugar content. The more sugar present in the cell juice of plants, the better they resist frost. It is advisable to carry out the event before precipitation or deep planned irrigation.

Since the grass root system absorbs phosphorus salts at temperatures above +10°C, it is necessary to feed the lawn only in warm weather (September-October). Fertilization is carried out using a seed drill after a planned haircut but before water-charging irrigation. The distribution rate for each train is described in the instructions.

Aeration System

Calcining of sod with pitchforks or special devices with hollow metal pins (mechanical or electric aerators) is recommended to be carried out in areas where melt water or sedimentary water usually accumulates.
The procedure improves moisture and air exchange in the upper fertile soil layer on the lawn, activates oxygen access to plant roots, and prevents stagnation of water on the site during thaws or prolonged precipitation. With the help of conventional pitchforks, the top layer of the earth is pierced to a depth of about 10 cm. The distance between the holes is 15-20 cm.

The lawn care plan for September looks like this:

1. Haircut.
2. Aeration.
3. Top Dressing.
4. Watering.

And in October or November, you will only have to spend the last mowing. And do not forget to remove from the surface of the lawn before the first snowfall any plant remains that have accumulated during the leaf fall of nearby trees and shrubs. Otherwise, under the wet layer of fallen leaves, the herbage captured by the ice crust will freeze out.

Let your lawn look well-groomed at any time of the year!

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