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Lightweight, soft, fluffy blanket without sewing or knitting!

A lovely practical baby blanket is easy to make yourself. A light, soft, fluffy product can vary in warmth. And all because the choice of threads is an individual matter. Looking at the openwork with miniature pom-poms, it’s hard to guess from the outside that you won’t have to knit or sew in this project. It is extremely easy to master the technique: here, you need to lay the tensioned thread and then trim it correctly. The technique allows you to create blankets, scarves, bedspreads of any size independently.

You will need to make a stand slightly larger at the preparatory stage than the size of the blanket. It is a wooden frame with nails driven in along the perimeter. Nails should be driven in at regular intervals. The size of the gaps in the openwork fabric will depend on the distance between them. In our case, each side of the stand is 1 m, and the distance between the nails is 4 cm. Once the stand is made, you can proceed to create the base. After fixing the thread of the chosen color on the sidebar’s top nail, we wind it behind the first nail of the top bar and lower it down.

It is better to lay the thread in several folds at once. This will significantly reduce the operating time. The thread must be well stretched all the time. Otherwise, the effect of stretched threads will be present on the blanket, which will be extremely difficult to thread. Having reached the bottom, we make a turn, and, having gone around two nails, we take the thread up.

We lay the thread in a zigzag. At this point, only the tension is important. No additional effort is needed.

Having reached the edge of the frame, we change the direction of the thread.

When the thread of one color is completely laid, we move on to work with another color. At the same time, the essence of the work does not change. It is important at the end to securely fix the tensioned thread.

The next step is to create the jumpers. Fixation is required at each intersection of the threads.

The knots are tied in a crisscross pattern throughout the fabric. The tails’ length when trimmed corresponds to half the distance between adjacent knots of the same row.

Now you need to trim, which will form tiny pom-poms. Some of the threads in each of the jumpers are cut in half. The reference point in our case is the color change. When working with a plain fabric, the number of threads that cannot be trimmed will have to be calculated.

When the trimming is done, there will be an openwork canvas with pom-poms on the stand. How fluffy the pom-poms will depend on the number of rows laid earlier.

Then it remains only to remove the canvas from the stand and then shorten the threads flush with the pom-poms or leave them long, smoothing the fringe.

Learn more about creating a soft and fluffy baby blanket in the video below:

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