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How to Sew a Simple Plush Toy with Your Own Hands


Step by Step Guide to Sew a Simple Plush Toy

Every child has a favorite toy; most often, these are cozy soft animals. Now it is very fashionable to make toys with your own hands because, unlike factory products, they are invested in a needlewoman’s work. Such products are made with soul and love. Handmade toys can be ordered from the master or made at home by yourself. This is not difficult to do, and the mother can sew a toy for her baby herself.

For this DIY project, you will need:

1. Cardboard or thick paper.
2. Pen or pencil.
3. Scissors.
4. Plush or plain fabric.
5. Felt.
6. Hot melt glue.
7. Needle and thread.
8. Filler.

As the main material for the toy, you can use any fabric. The classic version is plush. Such products are wonderful and pleasant to the touch.

From thick paper or ordinary cardboard, you need to prepare a pattern. To do this, you can outline the future toy by hand and cut it out.

Attach the pattern to the fabric and outline it.

As a decoration, facial features will be used. You need to cut out two large white circles of felt and two small black ones for the eyes.

It would be best if you glued pupils with hot glue.

From the same felt, you can cut out a triangle that will become a spout.

Sew the eyes and nose on the front side of the toy in the appropriate place.

Under the nose, you can embroider a mouth with ordinary black thread.

When all the decorative elements are sewn, you need to sew the product along the drawn contour from the wrong side, leaving a small hole. Through this hole, turn the toy to the front side.

Now the product needs to be stuffed. As a filler, you can use a special synthetic filler for soft toys or ordinary cotton wool.

The filler should be carefully distributed inside the toy through the left hole and carefully sew it up. A soft toy in the form of a cat is ready.

As your child grows up, you can create new products together with them. This is a wonderful educational activity that will bring results in developing creative skills and ready-made handmade toys. We wish you creative success!

Step by Step Guide to Sew a Simple Plush Toy

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