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Here is The Formula of the Super Glossy, Long & Silky Hair – Fermented Rice Water


Hey guys. Welcome to eteht.com. I will share how to Prepare Minted Rice Water at home to get a bunch of Super glossy, soft, silky, strong, and thick hair.

Rice water is one of the biggest secrets behind the flawless beauty of Asian women, and they are using rice to maintain their skin and hair.

To prepare Fermented Rice water, we will need two tablespoons of rice.

You have to rinse the rice for wants to remove any dirt and impurities and drain the water. You can use any rice that is available to you.

Here I am using organic basmati rice, and we will need two cups of filtered water.

First, add the rice into a clean bowl and then add two cups of water.

Gently stir the rice into the water and then cover the pole with heavy lit and leave it at room temperature for a day.

It has been almost 24 hours, and our rice water is now well fermented. It should start to smell, and you can see a few bubbles are coming on the top.

Now we have to mix the water very well and strain it out into another container, and our fermented rice water is ready.

Now we have to put it into the refrigerator for a few minutes to stop the fermentation process. Store it in a container with a lid, and you can refrigerate it for up to one week.

You can use this rice water as a natural conditioner. After shampooing, pour the rice water onto your scalp and the length of your hair.

You can even take the water in a big bowl and put your head into the bowl to cover all your hair and scalp with rice water. In this process, you can collect the leftover from the bowl and refrigerate them again for further use.

When your scalp and hair are all covered with this fermented rice water, massage your scalp gently for three to 5 minutes and then cover your head with a shower cap and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.

After that, rinse with normal water. Some people prefer to do the treatment before shampooing. In that case, awake your hair, then follow the same process and after 30 minutes, shampoo your hair with normal water.

Do not follow this treatment more than once a week. Rice water bushes hair elasticity and helps hair cells to produce a black basement.

It is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates. It protects your hair against damage. Repairs Hair Follicles make hair smooth and soft, initiate hair growth, strengthen the roots, and do wonders for your hair.

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