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Google Earth Timelapse: New feature shows the changes in the earth since 1984


Google Earth received a significant update. You can now display the global changes of the last 37 years as a time-lapse.

Google took the satellite images from the past 37 years and integrated them into Google Earth as an “interactive 4D experience”.The time-lapse shows the changes in the earth since 1984 and is intended to highlight how the climate crisis and humans are affecting the planet. For example, you can watch how Greenland’s glaciers melt and how Las Vegas is expanding almost inexorably. You can view any place on earth. In theory, you could also look at how your neighborhood has developed over the past few decades. In most cases, however, that should be far less exciting.

According to Google, almost 24 million satellite photos served as the basis for the time-lapse function. They ultimately put the whole thing together to form a large video mosaic with 4.4 terapixels. The calculation took around 2 million computing hours on thousands of computers. Google emphasizes that the computing work took place exclusively in climate-neutral data centers.

To use the new timelapse function, one must first call up the website of Google Earth. Then click on the steering wheel (Voyager) in the left bar, and another menu will open in which you can select the feature. Google itself has already created a couple of tours that revolve around the topics of Changing Forests, Volatile Beauties, Energy Sources, Global Warming, and The Expansion of Cities. “But you can also search for specific locations yourself. Also, Google offers over 800 pre-created timelapse videos for download. We hope you enjoy browsing the website.

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