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Best Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites


Summer comes at full speed, and the problems that come with it start. The biggest problem you fear is mosquitoes.

Although mosquitoes are small organisms, they spread diseases such as dengue and malaria and cause skin sensitization.

Summer is their season, and when they sting, they give us swelling and allergies. We can solve this problem by placing some special plants. Also, there are several ways to keep mosquitoes away from your home, such as applying mosquito repellent creams and oils, trying home remedies, and burning smoke.

Also, there is another easy way to keep mosquitoes away from your home, and the strategy is to fill your home with mosquito-repellent odors. That’s right, keep mosquitoes away from your kitchen using the following natural ingredients, take a look.

Mint Leaves

A little mint is enough to repel the mosquitoes. Mint leaves have many remarkable benefits in repelling mosquitoes from your area. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of mint, which is why you do not see a trace of mosquitoes whenever you have a mint smell inside your house.

Mint Oil

You can apply the oil extracted from the mint leaves to the skin and exposed areas to protect itself from mosquito bites. You can make a basil spray with mint oil, and mint water (mint leaves can be boiled and cooled in water).

Fill it into a spray bottle and spray it wherever you want across the entry points of your home.


Pepper has a strong odor that can repel mosquitoes from your home. The smell is very different. And drive them mad over their heads.

To spread this smell throughout your home, you can organize a few oil burners. Add some water and pepper essential oil to the burner, light a candle, and place the oil burners near your house’s doors.


The smell of garlic is also unbearable for mosquitoes. So you can add more and more garlic (the health benefits of garlic) to your diet while cooking. When your food is seasoned and heated with garlic, the smell spreads throughout the house, which keeps mosquitoes away from your place.


Neem is the best way to control blood-sucking mosquitoes. The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of neem are amazing in repelling mosquitoes. You can place neem (the way neem can harm you) at the entrance of your door to spread the smell of neem throughout your home.

Or you can boil some neem leaves in water for some time every evening. Or fill a spray bottle and spray neem extract water all over your home near sofas and doors.


Lemongrass has a very distinctive odor that keeps mosquitoes away from your home. You can use citronella oil, burn it in oil burners in your home, and spread the whole smell; you will not even see a mosquito…

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