Amazing Miniature DIY Project – Modern Chandelier DIY

Hi guys, It’s Melinda.

Today I’m going to show you how I built this working miniature light pendant. It has a modern geometric design and makes such a statement in any mini room.

The best part is- it is fully functional.

Let’s get started.

To build the structure, I’ll be using these craft matchsticks.

They’re not quite long enough so I glue 2 together with wood glue.

Once that’s dry, I cut out a 2.75” length.

You’ll need 4 of these.

From the leftover piece you trimmed off, cut out a 1” length.

You’ll need 4 of these as well.

Take 2 of the 2.75” and 2 of the 1” to form a rectangle.

You’ll need 2 of these rectangles.

Now cut out 4 0.75” pieces and glue them vertically to each of the corners on one of the rectangles.

Add the second rectangle on top of these posts.

Set this structure aside and let’s work on the electrical.

For the lights, I’ll be using these 3 tiny diode bulbs.

We’ll also need insulated wire in 2 colors, 3v batteries and a battery case for the power and Heat shrink tubing.

Here is everything in one frame.

The first thing I do is strip about half an inch of insulation off the ends of both wires.

Just run a scissor around the plastic and pull it off.

Be very careful not to cut the actual wire.

Let’s attach these to the bulb.

Inside the bulb, you’ll see 2 metal pieces- one big piece and one small.

We’ll connect the white wire to the side with the bigger piece and the yellow one to the side with the smaller piece.

To hold the twisted wires together, I trim a tiny piece of heat shrink tubing and loop it over the connected areas.

I like to push the connection point as close to the bulb as possible.

I use a candle as my heat source.

Hover it over the flame for a quick second to shrink that tube and it’ll fit snugly.

This is optional but I took this metal bead and looped it onto the bulb for an industrial look.

Cut off the excess wire leaving about 2.5” inches.

Do this for all 3 bulbs.

This is optional, but I decided to snip off most of the long bulb stems.

Let’s test out the power.

After loading the batteries, you just need to connect the white wire to black and yellow wire to red.


 To attach these lights to the structure we built, I take a 1/4” wide stick and drill 3 sets of holes.

This stick shows where they should be placed.

I paint it black and it’s ready for lights.

Take a bulb and thread the wires through a set of holes.

I use a bit of epoxy to hold them in place.

Once all 3 are in, glue this bar to the center of the top rectangle.

I fold the side wires toward the center and mark where they meet the center bulb wires.

Strip the plastic above that marking.

You’ll connect all the white wires together and all the yellow wires together.

Here are the 2 bundles.


Let’s paint this entire fixture before installing it.

Cut 2 pieces of 1”inch of heat shrink tubing and place one on each bundle of wire.

Because these bundles are pretty short, Grab more white and yellow wire to extend them.

I stick the extra wire into the heat shrink tube for a stronger bond.

Now just attach them back to the power source and light it up!

For a cleaner look, I take a straw, paint it black with nail polish, and cut off an inch.

Loop that over the wires and glue it in place.

 To install, simply drill a hole into the ceiling of any room, thread the wires through and glue in place.


As a finishing touch, I like to glue the wires flat and cover them.

For the cover, just glue 3 coffee stirrers together into this bracket shape, paint it to match your roof, and glue it above the wires.

Super simple!

That’s it!

You have a beautiful chandelier for your miniature room.

Let me know in the comments what you guys would prefer.

I hope you guys like this article.

Give it a thumbs up if you did and make sure to share this tutorial.

I’ll see you in my next article!


Miniature Modern Chandelier DIY Project idea

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