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10 Latest Gadgets And Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind


Latest Gadgets And Inventions

If you’re reading this article, we’re going to take an educated guess and say that you love learning about all the latest and greatest gadgets as they come out.

Now, unless you’ve got some insider knowledge or hours to troll through the Internet, finding all that awesome new tech can be a difficult prospect.

That’s why we’ve saved you the hassle and put together this list of 10 of the latest gadgets and inventions that will blow your mind.

#10 Blazepods

10 Latest Gadgets And Inventions 1

We all know that we need to keep active to help maintain our physical fitness, but building that habit is often easier said than done.

Blazepods are an innovative new product that helps improve your reflexes during your workouts and makes them way more fun and engaging in the process.

Blazepods take the concept of gamification and bring it Right on into your workouts.

If you haven’t heard of gamification before, it’s essentially applying some key elements of games, such as scoring points or competing against other people to tasks that you might not normally do that kind of thing with.

The human brain as a natural desire to achieve in these circumstances and this helps to kickstart not only your motivation to begin those all-important fitness exercises, but also boost your willpower to push on through until the end.

With its unique light pod-based system.

Blazepods can be set up in a ton of different ways. And with a ton of different workouts in mind.

This incredibly versatile product can even be used totally separate from any other gym equipment, giving you the ability to workout wherever you happen to be.

#9 CoroHook

Door handles, light switches, and even the shopping carts at your local store. What do they all have in common?

They can all play host to nasty germs and bacteria that could make you or your family sick.

CoroHook is an interesting new way to interact with your environment on a day-to-day basis without the risk of exposing yourself to these potentially dangerous contaminants.

Coral hook has been designed to allow full access to everything you normally do without actually having to touch all the things you normally touch.

Its unique design allows you to push buttons, open doors, and even carry shopping baskets, all without touching them with your hands.

Not impressed yet.

CoroHook is actually made of antimicrobial plastic that can resist the transfer of infectious particles.

That might just make CoroHook one of the best ways to stay safe against viruses next to wearing a mask that covers your face.

#8 Mojietu Lightning

10 Latest Gadgets And Inventions 10

If you travel anywhere on a set of wheels, there’s a pretty good chance that those wheels have Aaron, and at some point, you’re going to need to replenish that error.

The Mojietu Lightning is the Smart Air pump of the future that packs in a couple of nice little extras that you are sure to appreciate.

One of the coolest features of this amazing little pump is the ability to automatically detect the air pressure in a tire when connected.

You can then set a new pressure, and Mojietu Lightning will automatically stop pumping when it desired Level is achieved.

Pretty neat, right?

Well, it gets neater. The Mojietu Lightning features 4 smart pumping modes. Three of these settings are focused on tires and there’s a different mode for cars, motorbikes, and bicycles, which delivers the best performance for each different tire.

Setting number 4 is all about leisure time and helps you pump up your deflated basketball would be that’s not although.

The Mojietu Lightning also features are bright LED light that can be used as a Lantern or as an emergency light to warn oncoming vehicles that you’ve broken down.

#7 PrintPods

The old printer in your office that never works. Yeah, that big hunk of Gray plastic leftover from the 90s. Toss it out. P

PrintPods is a crazy new handheld printer that takes an old and outdated piece of office equipment and drags it right on into the 21st century.

Regular printers seem to spend most of their time struggling to print on a piece of regular paper, but PrintPods don’t have that problem.

This magical looking handheld printer can print on just about any material and handles plastic, wood, metal, and even leather with these.

You know what else. Regular printers suck at getting anything done on time. Forget about waiting around for your print job to be finished.

PrintPods can get the work done in seconds. Print pods can be loaded up as standard with a 3 color skin-friendly ink palette of red, blue, and black.

But it also has the option to be loaded with either non-removable permanent ink or invisible ink that’s only able to be seen under UV light.

#6 Touchjet Wave

10 Latest Gadgets And Inventions 19

Back in 2007 when Apple debuted the iPhone, it wasn’t the first touchscreen product on the market, but it did usher in an age where we’ve gone from treating touchscreens as an expensive novelty to an essential component in interacting with our tech products on a daily basis.

The Touchjet Wave is a clever little bit of kit that takes any standard television set and enables full touch control.

Tap it with a finger, draw with the digital pen, or even control your TV with the free to download a smartphone app.

The Touchjet Wave opens up a whole New World of interacting with your television sets. Touch jet wave works with TV sets up to 65 inches, which means that unless you’ve got a monster set in your living room, it’s probably compatible with your TV.

One of the best things about the Touchjet Wave is the fact that it can download and run Android apps directly from the Google play store.

That means that you can use that stunning new touch interface just as it was intended.

#5 02 Quadcopter Drone

Drones are one of the hottest technology products right now, and that’s for good reason.

These miniature marvels of aviation have gone from kids Christmas surprise to serious tools for content creators all across the Internet.

The 02 Quadcopter Drone is an ultraportable quadrotor with the ability to create some seriously impressive visuals.

Let’s face it if you’re flying a drone these days you want 4K video.

The 02 Quadcopter Drone not only delivers that but also packs in a 3 axis gimbal in order to deliver the smoothest shot possible.

A great camera not much is good if you don’t have it with you to get the shot.

That’s why the 02 Quadcopter Drone has been designed to be super portable and easy to fold up.

It’s small enough to fit in a backpack alongside everything else you need for a busy day on the go.

With smartphone app controls and smart object avoidance to prevent collisions, the 02 Quadcopter Drone is one of the most intelligent drones on the market.

No matter what your reason for picking one up, you’re bound to be blown away by its performance.

#4 Drink Induction Chiller

10 Latest Gadgets And Inventions 25

You might have seen those fancy coasters that keep your Cup of coffee hot throughout the day, but what about those of us who prefer our drinks cold?

We’ve had to suffer as ice melts and soda hits room temperature for far too long.

The Drink Induction Chiller is an amazing new invention. That’s here to solve this age-old problem in a simple and easy to use formats. Don’t believe it?

The Drink Induction Chiller is so well designed that it can keep an exposed Ice Cube frozen solid for an indefinite period of time.

That’s why it’s more than capable of keeping your iced coffee from melting into an unpleasant watery mess.

It works with any drink in just about any standard container which makes this the ideal product for those long summer days stuck at your desk.

#3 SND Ray

10 Latest Gadgets And Inventions 28

Do you know what’s cool sunglasses? You know it’s not so cool.

Apparel earbuds with an outdated wire trailing down to your pocket.

Luckily for you, SND Ray is here to solve your problem and upgrade your quality of life in the process.

SND Ray pairs with your smartphone using Bluetooth. And using some clever bone conduction technology to deliver your music right into your inner gear, there are no earbuds, no wires, and nobody can even tell they aren’t regular shades.

You might be thinking that bone conduction doesn’t exactly sound good, but SND Ray is a few tricks up its sleeve and uses some incredibly high-quality speaker units to deliver a true high fidelity listening experience.

What’s more, you’ll get six hours of audio playback on a single charge, SND Ray is and just for leisure time, build.

These ingenious sunglasses can also be used to make and receive calls.

Say goodbye to the clunky and ugly looking Bluetooth headsets of yesterday.

SND Ray is here to help you make those calls in style.

#2 AirBlock

So you want to learn about building drones, but the concept of hunting down components and learning to Sador kind of terrified you.

AirBlock is a modular drone that’s designed to help kids and big kids learn how to build and operate these popular little flying machines.

By taking advantage of magnets, the modular components of AirBlock can be assembled, disassembled, and completely restructured in a matter of moments.

You can build everything from your standard drone right on through to a hovercraft, with this clever bit of Technology.

AirBlock doesn’t leave you hanging there, though it’s been designed to help you actually learn and understand just how drones fly.

The free app can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to program error block with simple commands or take things further and code in some advanced maneuvers.

#1 Aegis

Your home is your castle, and every good Castle needs an appropriate level of defense against intruders.

Aegis is a superintelligent smart-lock that’s designed to keep your home safe in 21st-century style.

Aegis can use your smartphone to recognize you and automatically unlock your front door as you approach without you needing to lift a finger.

Ideal for when you got a ton of grocery bags and you just don’t quite feel like putting them down.

That’s not the only way, you just as smart, though it automatically locks behind you when you shut the door and sends out notifications if you accidentally leave the door open.

Want to have some friends over? Grant them limited-time access from the app? Or just unlock the door for them using your phone from wherever you are.

Cybercriminals won’t get far with Aegis. One of its biggest benefits is the AES 128 encryption.

That prevents unwanted visitors from getting access to your home.

And that’s 10 latest gadgets and inventions that will blow your mind.

10 Latest Gadgets And Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

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