10 Amazing Gadgets You Can Actually Own

We list of 10 super gadgets that you can actually own before we get started.

Number 10: Ovis Smart Suitcase

If you like to travel, you hate lugging around heavy luggage. Our first gadget is the solution to all your globetrotting loads. Let’s jump right on into it and take a look at the Ovis Smart suitcase. Designed with the most discerning of travelers in mind, the Ovis Smart suitcases and just any old carry on this sleek and luxurious looking bag is actually fully autonomous and follows you around the airport without any need for intervention on your parts.

The Ovis Smart Suitcase uses a specially designed bracelet that pairs with the suitcase to keep track of where you are and features advanced collision avoidance technology that prevents it from running into obstacles or other people. The built-in battery pack that keeps over struggling along by your side.

Holds enough power to travel up to 13 miles on a single charge. It’s even better is the fact that you can use that very same battery pack to recharge your smartphone and other gadgets.

Don’t worry though, the battery is easily removable and attaches in seconds, so you can bring it through security without any issues.

Number 9: Stopsleep

Driving while tired makes it harder to pay attention to the road, slows your reaction time, and even alters your judgment when it comes to making driving decisions. Stopsleep is a clever little gadget from Europe that helps to keep you awake and alert while you’re clocking those overtime miles. Stopsleep uses 8 built-in skin sensors to measure electrodermal activity and in turn, shows just how alert you are.

The technology in the unit is so advanced that it can detect that you’re losing focus long before you’re able to notice by yourself. When stop sleep detects that your concentration levels are dropping, it begins to vibrate, providing you with plenty of warnings that tiredness is catching up to you. If you get to the point where you’re really hitting the wall, and there’s a definite risk of falling asleep, stop.

Sleep will begin vibrating aggressively, and an alarm chime will sound as well. This lets you know that it’s time to pull over at the nearest rest. Stop and take a much-needed break.

Number 8: Mendi

Well, we all know that heading out to the gym and getting in a good training session is good for our physical health. We’re not always the best at looking after our brains. Mendi is an innovative new product from Sweden that aims to strengthen your brain with its training capabilities. Using advanced technology and taking inspiration from mental well-being practices like meditation, Mendi helps to keep your brain active and improve your overall cognitive health.

This helps to keep you not only feeling better but is also been shown to have positive effects on physical health too.

Mendi pairs with your smartphone in order to make use of their specially designed brain training app is Simply put on the headset and play the short games using the power of your mind. Easy to use and transport. Mendi can be used just about anywhere you like and with sessions that take just 10 to 15 minutes a pop. It’s ideal for those small moments of downtime in your busy day.

Number 7: Ember mug 2

You’re a busy person. Whether you work from home or you sit in an office all day, there’s a pretty good chance you like to keep a Cup of coffee on your desk for a little boost during those moments of tiredness.

The only problem is, coffee gets cold and goes from delicious beverage to nasty surprise when you take a swig, the Ember mug two is a genius new product that keeps your hot drinks hot.

As long as you want so you can focus on work instead of babysitting a Cup of Joe fussy about your coffee temperature. The Ember mug 2, let’s you set it right down to the degree the built-in battery can keep your drink at that perfect temperature for up to an hour and a half or indefinitely if you keep the ember mug on the included wireless charging coaster.

Not impressed. You can even pair the Amber mug two with your smartphone to set the temperature and receive alerts when your beverage has reached optimum drinking temperature. Now, that’s impressive.

Number 6: Light Cam

In the modern world, there are a lot of different ways to protect your home and most security-conscious folks would recommend that you consider cameras to watch. Your property is one of the first ones you pick up.

Light Cam is a super innovative new approach to security cameras that requires no expensive installation and works perfectly right out of the box. One of the biggest problems that most security cameras face is the need for power. You either need to run a ton of wires all over your property and find some way of concealing them, or rely on batteries that could run out when you need them.

Most light Cam screws into a standard outdoor light fitting, meaning that it doesn’t take up extra space. And doesn’t need any additional power. And yes, it does function as an LED light too. The unit is fully adjustable to fit into any sort of light fitting, whether it be a sconce or an overhead porch lights. It produces super high-quality HD videos and even notifies you when it detects someone on your property.

Number 5: SmartLock

Padlocks are a great way to lock up garden sheds, gates, and all sorts of other valuables. But it’s also really easy to lose the keys and end up causing yourself a ton of hassle. The Smart Lock is a clever new product that uses fingerprint recognition to unlock your valuables, meaning that you don’t have to worry about carrying those tiny little keys ever again.

Using your personal biometric data is one of the most secure ways to protect anything, and fingerprint scanners are a well-established part of security protocols across many industries. At this point, the Smart Lock Unlocks and moments for its own while keeping enterprising thieves at Bay, worried that the battery will give up the ghost and you’ll be back to square one. That’s not a problem with the smart long as the specially designed battery lasts for a full year. Want to give friends and family access to your stuff?

The Smart locks built-in memory allows you to add up to 10 digital fingerprints. There’s also the ability to unlock it with a unique passcode via the directional keypad, which you can easily share with anyone who doesn’t have their prints.

Number 4: AYI

We all spend a lot of time looking at screens, but what if you could get the same amount done while you’re doing your morning grooming and looking in the mirror? Well, the folks over at AYI have got you covered.

With our next super gadgets, AYI is the world’s first in Home AYI-Powered Smart Mirror ay acts as your personal assistant and with the ability to do everything from turning down the air conditioning to booking you an Uber. She’s much more than just a pretty face. It’s easy to lose track of your schedule when you’re rushing around in the morning and trying to get ready for work.

That’s why AYI actually keeps track of all your appointments and lets you know exactly what you’ve got coming up for the day. It’s not all about calendars and. Ordering rideshare services though ay. I can even pair with your Fitbit to keep track of your health and deliver personalized workout recommendations as if that wasn’t enough, she can even track your shut-eye and deliver a detailed analysis of how well you slept.

Number 3: Biski

It’s pretty tough to decide which one is cooler when it comes to motorbikes and jet skis, but what about an amazing new vehicle that actually functions as both by ski is the land and seat reversing 2 Wheeler of the future? Offering the ability to seamlessly go from Rd to River with its incredibly unique design.

While it may not have the aerodynamic aesthetics of a racing bike, Biski is plenty quick. It’s capable of hitting speeds of. Up to 80 mph on land and 37 mph on water. There’s no need for transformation or fussing around with. Biski you can drive right on into the water in moments and go from Rd warrior to riding the waves.

When you want to return to land, it’s as simple as finding a bank to drive out of the water. Now that’s an extreme machine. If you ask us.

Number 2: Bigsofti

Modern smartphones take amazing photos until you need to use the flash to get a little more light and everything starts turning into a blurry, starkly lit mix. Bigsofti is a cleverly designed light that clips onto your phone and delivers stunning results that will take your selfie game from just point badly to Instagram that Eve.

By taking inspiration from the same lighting used on movie sets, bigsofti creates a much more aesthetically pleasing light. It does this by creating a larger light source than a tiny LED flash and carefully diffusing it for perfectly smooth skin tones.

Easy to use and with results that speak for themselves. Bigsofti is an instant cop for the influence that is on the rise.

Number 1: Cinara Edge

VR headsets are exciting, but a lot of them fall short of the mark and don’t really deliver what they claim. That’s not the case for the Cinara Edge, which might just be the world’s most immersive virtual reality experience. Featuring dual 2560 by 1440 pixel OLED displays for a combined 5K viewing, the Cinera Edge delivers an astonishing feast for the Eyeballs. Even cooler is the fact that it also works as a 3D display straight out of the box where the scenario edge really excels, though, is audio.

It uses Dolby Certified 5.1 surround sound to draw you right into your favorite games and movies. It’s a level of emerging so intricate that you might just feel like you’re actually there. Cinera Edge works with your favorite game consoles. Includes micro SD storage and even runs Android, so you can download all the best VR apps on the Google play store.

And that’s 10 super gadgets you can actually own. If you enjoy this article, please let us know in the comments which you think and share with your friends.

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